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About Baofengradio

Welcome to Baofeng radios online shop selling Tri-bands of ham radios, wireless walkie-talkie radios and accessories of two ways radios. We provide the free programming software for amateur radios download.

Baofeng radio is already one of very popular handheld wireless walkie-talkies brand in the world. Baofeng was built in 2001 in Fujian, China. Our products such as BF-T1, UV-5R series, BF-88E, UV-R5 etc have been passed the CE certification of the European Telecommunications Standars Committee, and some of them passed the RoHS certification. Especially UV-5R also passed the FCC certification of the US Federal Communications Commission and the European RoHS certification.

Baofeng continuous improvement of the technology. We are dedicated to provide high performance and high stability radio communication products.

We appreciate your favor with Baofengradio.co.uk